Senior Tour Auto Racers






On November 18th the Senior Tour Auto Racers closed their 2017 racing season with 

their annual banquet.  This is STAR'S 19th season and it was great to see a large gathering 

of members and family come together to close out the season in a fashionable way.  It was

 great to see members from all over New England and Canada attend to bring the season 

to a close. 

The banquet was held at Whites of Westport in Westport, Ma.  Over 70 awards were 

presented to the Star Members for their dedication and true support of this great club.   

It has been an outstanding season for the Star Organization with unbelievable car counts

 every weekend.  Star tours all over the New England states bringing to the tracks 

"Vintage Racing at its Best"! As members sat down to a candle light four coarse meal, 

they were entertained with a slide show of over 400 candid photos from all the tracks 

and shows for the 2017 season, photos never seen by the members.  You could hear the

 laughter and jokes as the members let down their hair to have a great time!

STAR opened up its banquet with the introduction of the Officers and Board of Directors. 

President                   Charlie Lima

Vice-President           Skip Stearns

Secretary/Treasurer   Mary Lima

Board of Directors

  James Allen

  Scott Poirier

  Bobby Turner

  Alan Zemla


STAR was proud to introduce Special Guest that night, Arthur Hannaford President

 of the Wicked Good Racing Association.

Then the Board of Directors presented owner of ProNyne Motorsports Museum, 

Ric Mariscal with a donation towards the museum.

Next was the dedication service in memory of the STAR members we have loss but

 will never be forgotten.