Senior Tour Auto Racers








  1. Sole purpose of Senior Tour Auto Racers is to preserve the "History of Auto Racing"and    to honor the people who made it what it is today.
  1. Mandatory safety inspection of all cars prior to first event they attend.
  2. Drivers must be 18 years old and have a valid driver's license.
  3. Cars are to be driven only by active members who have a current membership.
  4. Fireproof suits are mandatory for all on-track activity.
  5. Fireproof gloves are mandatory for all on-track activity.
  6. Fireproof shoes are mandatory for all on-track activity.
  7. Some type of neck restraint mandatory for all on-track activity.
  8. Radio receivers are mandatory for all drivers.
  9. Approved helmets are mandatory for on-track activity.   Helmets must be in good            condition and have a Snell “SA” (Sports Application) Rating 2020 or better.                      NO “M” HELMETS ALLOWED
  10. Special interest vehicles may be permitted at events with advance approval from the        Board of Directors.
  1. The Events Coordinator will remove any car driven at excessive speed or incompetent      driving at once from the track.
  1. STAR Cars can run any vintage race as long as it's not weekly and there is no money paying purse.
  2. When more than one stock car club is at the same event at the same time, Star’s member and car must choose only one club to run for that event.
  3. The Events Coordinator is in total control of all sanctioned events.
  4. Points will be given to all cars at an event as long as they are present till the first green flag flies on an event



  1.    Cars must be restored or be a replica of a racecar that ran 1979 or before. No                         Cavaliers,  No Pro- Fours, No Supers.
  2.    Body must be American manufactured – 1979 or earlier. No fiberglass bodies.
  3.    Fuel systems must have a shut-off valve mounted within drivers reach in a readily                   accessible location and clearly marked and in good working order.
  4.     In line on and off main battery switch must be mounted within drivers reach in a
         readily accessible location and clearly marked and in good working order.
  5.    All cars must be equipped with racing type safety belts, no older than 5 years old and               firmly secured to  chassis.
  6.    A rearview mirror is mandatory.
  7.    Mufflers are mandatory.
  8.    An overflow catch container is mandatory and will not be mounted in drivers’                           compartment. (No anti freeze allowed.)
  9.    Batteries must be firmly secured in a safe location and will not be mounted in drivers’             compartment.
10.    Fire extinguisher must be mounted within drivers reach in a readily accessible location             and properly charged. All extinguishers need to be new or recharged for 2023 season             and be dated. Fire extinguishers will be good for 5 years.
11.    Driver’s door must have a minimum of 3 bars and padded.
12.    Tires and wheels must be in good condition. No Tire softer.
13.    Frames must be a stock American frame or represent a stock frame.  If a tube frame is           used it must resemble a stock American frame, that was made before 1979.
14.    Motor Placement – A maximum of 3 ½” will be allowed from the center line of the                   chassis to the left  side, which is the driver side. There will be no maximum limit to the           right of  the center line of the chassis.
15.     Engines must be the type of engine used era 1979 or before.
16.     No fuel lines are allowed inside the drivers’ compartment. Steel/ steel braided gas                    lines.  No Aluminum  or  Copper lines.
17.     No plastic or glass fuel filters allowed.
18.     Fuel cells are mandatory with a metal container.
19.     All cars to be equipped with dual throttle return
20.     Drive shaft has a min of 2 loops are mandatory.
21.     Drive shafts and lead weight painted white is mandatory. Lead must have car number              on it and drive shaft with a small line at the end to check gears.
22.     A racing type seat mandatory, aluminum types racing seat no fiberglass allowed.
23.     Electric fuel pumps allowed only when controlled by engine oil pressure.
24.     All cars must have four wheel brakes in good working order mandatory.
25.     Only steel brake lines allowed.   No copper tubing.
26.     Cars must have forward and reverse gears and start under their own power.
27.     Safety hub on right front wheel or equivalent is mandatory.
28.     Steel racing type lug nuts on all wheels is mandatory.
29.     No Wings are allowed.
30.     All cars must have some type of metal roof.
31.     All cars must run a gear between 500 and 535’s except any ½ mile or larger track
32      Ball joint and tie rod are in good condition
33.    No adjustable shock
34.    No adjustable A-frame 
35.     No eye sway bar adjustable
36.     No sweet rack & pinion if visible
37.     One level shifter
38.     No adjustable spindle
39.     No double nerve bars on late model cars, only double bars are allowed on coupes and              coaches
40.     All items used on a stock car chassis have to be prior to 1979 with the exception on 
          safety items.
41.     All cars must have full front and back firewalls & floor.  All holes must be covered.
42.    Window nets are mandatory.
43.    All Vintage type cars, roll cage must fit contour of the body.
44.    Gas cap must be lanyard to car, so it doesn't fall off.
45.    All cars must start race with hood.





  • Drivers meetings are mandatory for all drivers. 
  • All drivers must have a current membership with STAR. 
  • All cars must be equipped with a radio receiver.
  • First time drivers with STAR will start in the rear of the pack for 1 week.
  • All cars will be facing outwards for heats and features.  Not abiding the rule you will forfeit your position in line.
  • At every event there will be a modified and sportsmen feature winner.
  • The designated winners will be allowed to pick their starting position within the third and fourth positions.
  • The Race Director will announce in the feature the ½ mark.  This is to alert the front runners to back down slowly and let the designed winner through.
  • If a designated winner cannot complete the race they will pull into the infield to alert the field that it now becomes an open show and anyone who has not taken a win is eligible for the win.
  • To be eligible for designated winner or heat win, driver and car must have attended 2 events.
  • No one is allowed to pass the designated winner.
  • The heat winner will start in the rear of the pack of the feature and not better themselves more than 4th place in the feature.
  • At no time during any heat or feature should the first place car be ahead of the pack more than three car lengths.
  • No three wide.
  • Slower vehicles must stay in the lower groves at all tracks.
  • Passing on the inside is allowed.
  • The chosen designated winners will start in the rear of the heat.
  • When the checkered flag comes down do not slow down until on the back stretch to let rest of pack come through.
  • The feature winner will start scratch the next event attended.
  • The designated winner cannot win the heat.
  • Each driver is allowed 1 heat wins per year.
  • Each driver is allowed 1 feature win per year.
  • Each car is allowed only 1 win per year.
  • Points will be given to drivers that starts the feature.
  • All complaints will be brought to the Race Director only. No pit rage allowed or tolerated.
  • If an accident occurs, drivers must remain in car until safety crew arrives.
  • When lined up for heat or feature, if possible, shutdown car to avoid fumes.
    *  All pit areas of STAR will be cleaned up before leaving the speed