Senior Tour Auto Racers








  1. Sole purpose of Senior Tour Auto Racers is to preserve the "History of Auto Racing" and to honor the people who made it what it is today.
  2. Mandatory safety inspection of all cars prior to first event.
  3. Drivers must be 18 years old and have a valid driver's license.
  4. Cars are to be driven only by active members who have a current membership.
  5. Fireproof suits are mandatory for all on-track activity.
  6. Fireproof gloves are mandatory for all on-track activity..
  7. Fireproof shoes are mandatory for all on-track activity.
  8. Some sort of neck restraint is mandatory.
  9. Radio receivers are mandatory for all drivers.
  10. Approved helmets are mandatory for on-track activity.  Helmets must be 2010 or newer - SNELL SA (SPORTS APPLICATION) in good condition         NO "M" HELMETS ALLOWED.
  11. Special interest stock cars may be permitted at events with advance approval from the Board of Directors.
  12. The Events Coordinator will remove any car driven at excessive speed or incompetent driving at once from the track.
  13. Any car registered under Senior Tour Auto Racers can not run in a competitive event that does not have a designated feature winner or some type of limit on feature wins, within 200 mile radius from Logan Airport in Boston.  Violation of this rule will result in the car being suspended for the remainder of the year.
  14. The Events Coordinator is in total control of all sanctioned events.




  1. Cars must be restored or be a replica of a race car that ran 1979 or before. No Cavaliers, No Pro-Fours, No Supers.
  2. Body must be American manufactured - 1979 or earlier.
  3. Fuel systems must have a shut-off valve mounted within drivers reach in a readily accessible location and clearly marked and in good working order.
  4. In line on and off main battery switch must be mounted within drivers reach in a readily accessible location and clearly marked and in good working order.
  5. All stock cars must be equipped with racing type safety belts, no older than 5 years old and firmly secured to chassis.
  6. A rear view mirror is mandatory.
  7. Muffler are mandatory.
  8. An overflow catch container is mandatory and will not be mounted in drivers' compartment.  (No anti freeze allowed.)
  9. Batteries must be firmly secured in a safe location.
  10. Fire extinguisher must be mounted within drivers reach in a readily accessible location and properly charged.
  11. Drivers door must have a minimum of 3 bars.
  12. Tires and wheels must be in good condition.
  13. Frames must be a stock American frame or represent a stock frame.  If a tube frame is used it must resemble a stock American frame, that was made before 1979.
  14. Motor Placement - A maximum of 3 1/2" will be allowed from the center line of the chassis to the right side, which is the passenger side.   There will be no maximum limit to the left of the center line of the chassis.
  15. Engines must be the type of engine used era 1979 or before.
  16. No fuel lines are allowed inside the drivers compartment.  Steel gas lines recommended.
  17. No plastic or glass fuel filters allowed.
  18. Fuel cells are mandatory.
  19. All cars to be equipped with dual throttle return springs mounted in separate locations.
  20. Drive shaft straps are mandatory.
  21. Drive shafts and lead weight painted white are mandatory.
  22. A racing type seat mandatory, aluminum types racing seat recommended.
  23. Electric fuel pumps allowed only when controlled by engine oil pressure.
  24. All cars must have four wheel brakes in good working order.
  25. Only steel brake lines allowed. No Copper tubing.
  26. Cars must have forward and reverse gears and start under their own power.
  27. Safety hub on right front wheel or equivalent is mandatory.
  28. Steel racing type lug nuts on all wheels is mandatory.
  29. No wings are allowed.
  30. All cars must have some type of metal roof.
  31. All Modifieds must run a gear between 500 and 535's.
  32. No torque absorber.
  33. No adjustable shocks.
  34. No adjustable A frame.
  35. No eye sway bar adjustable.
  36. No sweet rack & pinion if visible.
  37. No 2 or 3 shift lever that are not era correct.
  38. No adjustable spindle.
  39. No double nerve bars on late model cars, only double bars are allowed on coupes and coaches.
  40. All items used on stock car chassis have to be prior to 1979 with the exception of safety items.
  41. All Cars must have full front and back fire walls and floors.
  42. All vintage type cars, roll cage must fit contour of the body.
  43. Window nets are mandatory.