Senior Tour Auto Racers





On August 5th Hudson Speedway in Hudson, NH was the scene for the Senior Tour Auto Racers for the second part of their double header weekend.  Unfortunately STAR had just been rained out the night before at Monadnock Speedway, but the weather for Hudson was hot, sunny and all but a green for racing!

 It was a special night at Hudson Speedway as it was the 16th “Annual Don Hayes Memorial”.  Mr. Hayes was the first photographer/videographer who was associated with the speedway from its first opening season in 1948 until 2001.  STAR was proud to be part of this special night!

STAR started their day with 2 sets of warm-ups for both divisions and the evening would bring the tour 2 heats and 2 features.

The Sportsmen hit the track first for their heat race.  It would be hometown boy Skip Stearns from NH in his #7X coupe to take down the first checkered for the tour that evening and the heat win for the Sportsmen division.  The Modifieds were lined up and ready to hit the asphalt for their heat race.  Art Merchant from Ma in his #64 coupe took down the second checkered and the win for the Modified heat race.  Coupes ruled that evening for the heat races.  Congratulations gentlemen well done!

At feature time the Sportsmen were up first for their feature.  It was Dan Hayes from FL in the #7 Vega to take the feature and capture the win for the Sportsmen division.  Robert Harless from NY in the #8 sedan pulled a very close second and rounding out the pack with a third was Frank Foley from Ma in his #3 Camero.   Top three were brought trackside for an out of car interview and awarded with beautiful plaques.

The Modifieds were staged and ready to go at their feature.  When the last checkered flag flew it was on Dwight Pickard from Me in his #16ME Vega to take the victory for the Modified feature.  Charlie Lima from Ma in his #2X coupe closed in with a very close second and right behind him was Thomas Trempe from NH in his #7X Mustang to top the pack off with a third. Top three were brought trackside for an out of car interview and awarded with beautiful plaques.

STAR would like to thank Hudson Speedway and their entire staff for all their hospitality and for letting us be part of this special evening for Don Hayes Memorial.