Senior Tour Auto Racers





Senior Tour Auto Racers were on tap at the Lee USA Speedway in Lee NH on June 10th .   Cars hauled in from all over New England.  Star started their day with rounds of practice and then Lee USA brought all divisions that night onto the track for their autograph session.  Lee opened up the gates to let the fans come down to meet all the drivers and view the cars up close.  It was great to see the Star members signing autographs on tee shirts, photos, and flags and talking to the fans. 

Then it was off to racing!  Star was scheduled for heats and features.  The first to hit the track was the Sportsmen division for their heat race.  The green came down and it was race time.  Skip Stearns from NH in his #7X Coupe was the first to take down the checkered that evening for the tour. 

The Modifieds were lined up and ready to hit the asphalt for their heat race.   It was a photo finish as Bobby Turner from Me in his #7 Omni and Scott Poirier from Ct in his #73 Pinto drove to the win with Turner winning only by inches. 

At feature time it was the Sportsmen to hit the track first.  Alan Zemla from Me in his #43 coupe took down the third checkered and the feature win for the Sportsmen division. New member to STAR this year Art Merchant from Ma in his #64 coupe drove to the second place finish and to round out the pack with a third was Skip Stearns from NH in his #7X coupe.  Coupes ruled in the feature this evening for the Sportsmen!

The Modifieds were staged and ready for their feature race. It was Jim Allen from Ma in his #44 Camero to take down the checkered and victory for the Modifieds that evening.  Mike Ronhock from Ma  in his #04 Pinto pulled a very close second and to finish off the pack with a third was Scott Poirier from Ct in his #73 Pinto.

Both Sportsmen and Modified winners were brought trackside for an out of car interview and awarded with trophies.

Senior Tour Auto Racers would like to thank Lee USA Speedway and their entire staff for all their hospitality and a “Great Night of Racing”.  Star will be returning to Lee USA Speedway for their second appearance on September 2nd .