Senior Tour Auto Racers





“Thunder on the Mountain” and that is just what it was on August 8th as the Senior Tour Auto Racers made their second appearance for 2015 season at the Monadnock Speedway, in Winchester, NH. It was hot and it was steaming but these racers did not care!  Mother Nature has been kind to the Tour this year by beating out most of the rain outs by a day!  If it rained on Saturday we raced on Friday and if it rained on Friday we raced on Saturday, Thank you Mother Nature, I guess karma pays off! 

The vintage cars have a sound of their own and nothing can mimic it!   The roar and echo gave the fans what racing was all about back in the 60’s and 70’s.  STAR filled the pits with cars from all over New England with coupes, sedans from the earlier years along with Pintos Mustangs and Vegas from the 70’s. 

STAR’s day was stared with warm ups and later in the evening would have heats and features for both divisions of STAR.

First to hit the track was the Sportsmen division for their heat race, and racing it was!  It was Joby Tucker from RI in his #70 coupe to hold off the pack and take down his first checkered for the tour.  Congratulations to Joby on his first checkered with the STAR tour.  It was John Mulcahy from Ma in his #57 Mustang to pull off a second and to round out the pack with a third was Rick MacDowell from Ma in his #76 Camaro. This is what I am talking about, a Couple, a Mustang and a Camero.  What a selection the Sportsmen had.

The modifieds were lined up and ready to hit the asphalt for their heat race.  Brian Robie from NH in his #7 Pinto made his move to the front and took down the second checkered for the tour that evening.  It was hometown boy Bob Donahue from NH in this #99 Pinto to pick up second place.  Charlie Lima from Ma in his #2X coupe rounded out the pack with a third.

At feature time it was the Sportsmen to hit the track first for their feature race.  When the checkered flew it was on Joe Keefner from Ma in his #99 Gremlin to take the feature for the Sportsmen.  Alan Zemla from Me in his #43 coupe took a very close second and Rick MacDowell from Ma in his #76 Camero rounded out the pack with a third.  Top three were brought trackside for an out of car interview.

The mods were lined up and ready to hit the track for their feature race.  Gregg Massini from Ma in his #19 Vega wagon took down the last checkered for the evening and the feature for the modifieds.  James Allen from Ma in his#44 Mustang pulled off a very close second and it was Bob Donahue from NH in his #99 Pinto to complete the pack with a third.  All three were brought trackside for and out of car interview. 

STAR would like to thank Monadnock Speedway and their entire staff for all their hospitality and including us in their 2015 season.