Senior Tour Auto Racers






The sign says it all “The Place to Race” is the slogan for the Star Speedway. On June 24th Star Speedway, Epping, NH was the scene for the Senior Tour Auto Racers. One by one Star rolled into the pit area of Star Speedway filling the pits with cars from all over New England.  Star started their day with warm ups, and the evening would bring the tour 2 heats and 2 features.

Before race time the ladies of STAR put on a great picnic for the STAR members.  It was a great time as the members got to let their hair down and just enjoy each other’s company.  A special Thank You goes out to these Ladies for making our picnic a great success!

Then it was race time! First to hit the asphalt for their heat race was the Sportsmen division.  It was anyone's win as the pack diced it up until the checked came down, on a photo finish between Art Merchant from Ma in the #64 coupe and Wade Worster from Me in his #32 coupe. Congratulations goes out to Art Merchant on taking the first checkered for the evening for the tour.  The Modifieds were lined up and ready to hit the asphalt next for their heat race.  The pack ran tight lap after lap until Bobby Turner from Me in his #7 Omni broke loose and headed to the front.  When the checked was waved it was on Bobby Turner to take the second win for the tour that evening and the heat win for the Modifieds.

At feature time it was the Sportsmen to hit the track first for their feature race.  Richard Eastman from Ma piloted his #0 Pinto to the finish line to take down the third checked for the tour that evening.  Alan Zemla from Me in his #43 coupe captured second with Frank Foley from Ma in his #3 Camero to round out the pack with a third.  All three were brought track side for an out of car interview and awarded with trophies.

The Modifieds were lined up and ready to do some good old fashion racing!  The pack ran tight with only inches away from each other.  When the last flag was waved it was on Scott Poirier from Ct in his #73 Pinto to take the last flag for the evening. Scott Tucker from Me in his #79 Pinto took a very close second and to round out the pack with a third was Arthur Hannaford from Me in his #71me Malibu.  All three were brought track side for an out of car interview and awarded with trophies.

 What a weekend!  A great car count, great racing and a great picnic!

Senior Tour would like to thank Star Speedway and their entire staff for all their hospitality and a great night of racing!