Senior Tour Auto Racers





It was time to have a talk with Mother Nature, Women on Women, Enough is Enough!  With rain again in the forecast for the weekend this would put a damper on racing again!  So she gave a window and Star Speedway in Epping, NH took the chance to get in some racing and it paid off!  All but the last 15 minutes of 7 divisions of racing got to do racing on 6/23, with all the surrounding tracks from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine cancelling. We at Senior Tour Auto Racers were one of those tours scheduled that night and with the determination of the staff at Star Speedway we got a GREAT night of racing in.  So hats off to the staff of Star Speedway and also to all the divisions there that night for pushing to be on time and to have a very limited number of cautions from all the divisions that night, it made the show go quickly and we almost beat Mother Nature!  
Senior Tour would like to thank all the members that took the chance with the weather the way it was.  But it paid off!  STAR was in for warm ups and two heats and two features that day and we got it all in!  THANKS GUYS!
First up was the STAR Sportsman heat were Frank Foley from Massachusetts in his #3 Camero took down the first checkered for the tour.
Next up was the Modified heat, were Scott Tucker from Maine in his #79 Pinto took down the second checkered for the tour.
Between heats and features the members of STAR gathered together in the pits with Chef Curt Snow cooking hotdogs and hamburgers for the tour.  Now the FUN began!  You could hear the laughter and joking going on.  I think this is the best part when a tour gathers together, letting their hair down and just having a good time!
Then it was feature time.  The Sportsmen hit the asphalt first. It would be Rookie Mike Rucci from Massachusetts in his #00 Corvair to take down the third checkered for the tour and the win for the Sportsmen division.  John Mulcahy from Massachusetts in his #57 Mustang pulled off a close second and topping off the pack with a third was Arthur Merchant from Massachusetts in his #64 coupe.  Flawless and tight racing, Great Job, green to checker!  All three were pulled in the infield to wait for the Modified finishes.
Now it was time for the Modifieds to hit the track.  Oh the sky was getting darker and would Mother Nature hold off!  YES!  The Modifieds open up and it was off to racing!  Thomas Trempe from New Hampshire in his # 7X Mustang would take down the win and the last checkered for the tour that evening.  Alan Zemla from Maine in his #43 coupe pulled off a second and rounding out the pack with a third was Arthur Hannaford from Maine in his #71ME Malibu.  All three Modifieds were brought trackside and joining them would be the top three Sportsmen.  It was an out of car interview and all three Sportsmen and Modifieds were awarded with trophies.  
Senior Tour would like to thank STAR Speedway and their entire staff for all their hospitality and a great night of racing and FUN!