Senior Tour Auto Racers






On Friday October 13th, Senior Tour Auto Racers closed their 

2017 running season

 at the Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park as part of 

the “Sunoco World Series.”  

As we all know this is the CROWN JEWEL event for Thompson Speedway 

Motorsports Park, with 18 divisions of racing and STAR was proud to be one of these

 touring divisions. 

STAR drivers rolled in one by one to fill the pit area with 25 of the most beautiful 

vintage racecars from all over the New England states and Canada. Cars from Canada,

 Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York joined

 together to give Thompson Speedway a touch of Vintage Racing at its best!

It was nice to see so many fans and pass drivers roaming around the STAR pit area 

talking to the drivers and sharing stories of their days at Thompson Speedway.  But I 

think the best part was to see so many drivers just having the time of their lives with

 jokes and pranks it make you feel proud to have a great group of racers come together!

STAR was scheduled to do 2 feature races on Friday the 13th!  The Modifieds would

 hit the track first for their feature.  What a feature it was with a lot of action!  When 

the last checkered for the modifieds came down it was on Darryl Dutch from RI in his

 #6RI coupe to pick up the victory for the modifieds. 

The Sportsmen were staged and ready to hit the track for their feature race.  Jon Taylor 

from Ma in his #1 Pinto would take down the last checkered for the Sportsmen for 2017

 and the last flag for the tour for 2017!

Both victory winners were brought to Victory Lane to be interviewed and presented

 with beautiful Sunoco trophies, also the Sunoco victory flag was presented to them for 

their win and from Thompson, which took my breath away, a beautiful case sketched 

with Thompson World Series with a baseball bat that had a carving on it “Champion” 

and a baseball with STAR embroidered on it!  I have seen awards but this was 


But the weekend was not over for STAR.  STAR went on display on the midway 

of Thompson for the remainder of the weekend.  STAR would like to thank Ed Mulligan

 from RI with his #61 Pinto and Charlie Lima from Ma with his #2X coupe for 

displaying their cars and taking the time to talk to the fans. It was worth it, more new

 cars on their way for 2018!  It was great to see so many fans stopping by to look at the

 cars, taking pictures with the cars and sharing stories.  

Thank you Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park and your entire staff for a night that 

we at STAR will remember for a long time!