Senior Tour Auto Racers





“Thunder in the Mountains” and that just what it was as the Senior Tour Auto Racers rolled into White Mountains Motorsports Park on August 22nd.  STAR started their day with warm ups from 1:00 till 3:00.  This was a great opportunity to get any bugs out of your car or just seat time for new members.  It was great to see non- car owners get into the cars and give it a shot!  Now they have the understanding of how much fun this can be!  It was quite in the pit area with members working on their cars for the evening shows but I know this would not last for long, and I was right, you will see later on!

The first to go out was the Sportsmen division for their heat race.  It would be Alan Zemla from Me in his #43 coupe (known as Fred) to take down the first checkered for the evening.  The Modifieds were lined up and ready for their heat race.  Ed Mulligan from RI in his #61 Pinto took down the checkered on the last lap with his move to the outside.

Then it was time for the feature races to take place.  In the Sportsmen division it was Skip Stearns from NH in his #7 coupe to take the checkered and win for the Sportsmen division.  John Mulcahy from Ma in his #57 Mustang pulled off a close second and finishing off the pack with a third was Alan Zemla from Me in his #43 coupe.   In the Modifieds it would be James Allen from Ma in his #44 Mustang to take the checkered and the feature win for the Modifieds.  Charlie Lima from Ma in his #2X coupe and Ed Mulligan from RI in his #61 battled for second. When the checkered came down it was Lima to pick up a second and Mulligan finished off with a third. 

White Mountains brought all three from each division trackside for and out of car interview and trophies, boy were they in for a surprise! I knew it was too quite that night and I was sure they would show their colors and they did!  At interview time the drivers took the mike one by one and talked to the fans in the stands.  The drivers poured water on the winners in from of the fans and then the joking and interacting with the fans began, to at one point the fans laughed so much they stood up and gave them a standing ovation!  The winners selected children from the stands to give their trophies to for a memory of Senior Tour’s visit there!  What a great night and so much fun at Victory Lane!

Thank you to White Mountains Motorsports Park their entire staff and the FANS for a great night of racing!