Senior Tour Auto Racers






BIG – FAST – FUN  this is the slogan for Wiscasset Speedway and believe me when I say this slogan fits.  On July 21st Senior Tour made it annual visit to Wiscasset Speedway in Wiscasset Maine.  If you never been here you need to go!  The racing is great and the track owners and staff are unbelievable.  If you want to have fun and a great night of racing make a visit to Wiscasset Speedway you will not regret it!


The weather was hot and steamy and so were the cars!  What a great night of racing!  It was so great to see some members of the Wicked Good Racing come and join in on the fun.  Two great clubs coming together, showing how vintage racing is done!  You could hear the laughter and joking in the pits, which made me so proud to see how vintage clubs can get together and have a great time!


STAR’s day started with warm up for both divisions and the evening would bring the tour 2 heats and 2 features.


First up to hit the asphalt was the Sportsmen division for their heat race.  It was John Mulcahy from Ma in his #57 Mustang  showing the Sportsmen how it was done by taking down the first checkered for the tour for the evening. The Modified were position and ready to hit the track for their heat race.  Hometown boy Bobby Turner from Me in his #7 Omni wheeled his way to the front and took down the second checkered for the tour.


Between the heats and features the members gathered together for a barbecue, having a good time telling stories and just letting their hair down.


At feature time it was the Sportsmen up first for their feature race.  Curt Snow from Ma in his #110 coupe took down the victory for the Sportsmen.  Art Merchant  from Ma in his #64 Coupe closed in for a close second and rounded out the pack with a third was Skip Stearns from NH in his #7X coupe.  All three were brought trackside for an out of car interview and awarded with trophies.  Coupes ruled tonight!


The Modifieds where staged and ready for their feature.  The pack was tight and these mod drivers drove inches apart.  When the last flag came down it was on Arthur Hannaford from Me in his #71 Malibu.  Charlie Lima from Ma in his #2X Coupe took a second by inches and pulling off a third was Scott Tucker from Me in his #79 Pinto.  All three were brought trackside for an out of car interview and awarded with trophies.


STAR would like to thank Wiscasset Speedway and their entire staff for making our visit to Maine an unforgettable one.